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Flow Chart

The basic process of fully automatic pulp molding machine can be summarized as follows:

(1)The suction filter forming mold with metal mesh on the inner surface of the type cavity is immersed into a certain concentration of pulp, vacuum the pulp, the pulp fiber is absorbed in the chamber of the suck-filter forming molds, forming the wet blank(wet semifinished product);
(2)The wet blank transfer mold transfers the wet blank to the hot pressure mold, and the wet blank is pressed into the dry hot pressure mold in the high pressure and high temperature pulp mold products;
(3)The molded pulp products after dry shaping are transferred to the edge cutting mold for edge cutting treatment, which can cut out the holes or gaps on the sides of the product at the same time;
(4)The molded pulp products with neat edges were removed from the machine and stacked, also the cut waste edges were removed out of the machine.

Preparation before producing products: preparation of the pulp material
Bleached herb raw pulp or true color original pulp as the raw material for environmental protection molded pulp products.If the pulp molding factory is close to the raw material origin, the raw pulp of many sugarcane pulp plants and bamboo pulp factories can be transported directly to the pulp workshop of the pulp molding plant. The concentration of the pulp being directly transported from the pulp factory is generally high, and the appropriate amount of water is added to make it the pulp with the concentration of about 0.3% - 0.5%, adding additives to the pulp tank to prepare the pulp needed for pulp molding production. Most of the pulp used for the production of food packaging products are mainly waterproof and oil agents. Some high-quality industrial packaging products also need to use bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp together in different proportions, without the need to add Oil-proof agent.
Most pulp molding mills are using commercial pulp boards as raw materials. After soaking and softening with water, use hydraulic pulp breaker and other equipment to disperse into pulp mixture, making it suitable for the pulp concentration required for pulp molding production.
Grouting water can be circulation water (white water) or some clear water excluded after adsorption and molding, with an ideal pH value of 6.4 - 6.5. Stir the pulp in the pulp pool evenly with a mixing device to ensure the stability of the pulp concentration.

Production of molded pulp products

After pulp process, pulp suitable for pulp molding products is sent to the EAMC molded pulp machine. The following process such as suck-filter forming molding, thermal pressure shaping and automatic margin trimming are automatically completed on the EAMC molded pulp machine.
The production process is briefly described as follows:
After the preparation of the pulp supply system, the pulp pump passes the pulp to the EAMC pulp molding machine, The suction filter forming mold immersed into the pulp uses vacuum adsorption pulp fiber to make it into wet blank(wet semifinished product). The moisture content of wet semifinished product is usually at 65% - 75%. The weight of each molded fiber product can be controlled by adjusting the vacuum suction time. Then, the wet semifinished product is transferred to the heating molds, whose temperature is about 180 ℃ - 200 ℃. Heating molds can be heated by electric heating and heat conductive oil. The semi-finished products is dried and cured in the hot pressure shaping mold, Then, the dried and cured product is transferred to the cutting station to trim the outer edge to make the product conforming to the standard size. After the inspection and packaging process, the finished product leaves the factory.
The molds of heat conduction oil are operated as follows:The heated heat guide oil releases the heat through the heat exchange with the mold heating plate, thus transferring the heat generated by the heat guide oil boiler to the heat pressure shaping mold.
The fuel of the heat conduction oil boiler can be natural gas or other fuel such as coal. If the local electricity price is not high, using the electric heating mold is a good choice.