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5 Compartments Tray

1,  Name: 5 Compartments Tray
2,  Size: 265 mm x215 mm x25 mm. Weight: 24g.
3,  Process: Waterproof , oil-proof. Color: White.
4,  Location: Thailand, EPAC.
5,  Raw material source: Thailand EPPCO bagasse slurry, direct supply of wet pulp.
6,  Product exports to the United States are exempt from a 25% tariff.
7,  Pulp molding products have a low price and high product quality.
8,  Long-term mass supply.


Molded pulp tray / plate, made of molded thermal compressed sugarcane fiber sourced from high quality bagasse pulp directly supplied by Thai EPPCO, these tray / plates are fully biodegradable and compostable. Due to the huge pressure with which these tray / plates are made the inside is very smooth, and white, and quite grease resistant, without the need of a plastic coating. These sturdy trays /plates hold hot or cold food items and are microwave and freezer safe.
Molded pulp tray manufacturers, EPAC, Thailand, produces and supplies molded pulp products: molded pulp tableware, molded pulp industrial packages, You can also customize the pulp molding products that you need.
EPAC and EPPCO bagasse pulp Plant, is a subsidiary of Thai KTIS Group. EPAC , specializing in pulp molded tableware and pulp molded packaging products.
Raw material for the EPAC is sourced from high quality bagasse pulp directly supplied by EPPCO, EPAC production equipment adopts the international advanced EAMC fully automatic pulp molding production line. The forming, shaping, margin trimming are all produced on the same machine, Safe and sanitary.


Restaurants, fast food and takeout food services, catering stores, specialty stores, catering manufacturing, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, convenience stores, discount stores